How To Plant Grass Seed In Your Backyard

Whether you want your yard to look nicer or you are trying to increase the value of your home, there are plenty of reasons one would benefit from a lawn filled with grass. Among one of the reasons is that grass can help how you feel. It is true there are natural soothing effects to grass, and it has been tested and proven that patients next to a window that has a fresh green yard are more likely to heal quicker.

Grass can work as a boundary between properties and therefore gives you a deeper sense of safety without you even realizing that it does. Another popular, but more practical reason for planting grass seed is to help catch the rain. A nice grassy lawn will soak in a lot more rainfall than a bare yard or hay field. These are just a couple of benefits that a homeowner will get from planting a nice fertile yard filled with green grass.

Another factor when planting grass that you should take in is how it is good for the environment, because it is a natural filter. The grass in your yard actually filters out the rain and helps ensure that you there is not as many natural pollutants entering the purifiers underground. Also, there is a reason why a lot of sporting events are played on grass, because it is safer. That means that the grass seeds that you will be spreading can potentially help prevent injury to one of your friends or family members. The greatest thing about grass is that the seeds are not too expensive, and with a little “elbow grease” you can make all of the above improvements to your house without breaking the bank.


The Cost of Grass

There are many different kinds of grass seed. We will go over them later, but now I will discuss the cost of mid-grade bag of seed. Typically the average price for a bag of grass seed is near $3.50. That one bag will cover an area of approximately 3 square feet. I can’t give you an exact cost for your particular application, but I can give you those numbers to help you calculate with your lawn size. There are a few different grass cost calculators online if you know your size of yard that you are applying the grass seed to.When to plant grassRead More


How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

There are great efforts in several countries today in encouraging the public to embrace energy efficiency techniques that can save the environment for the sake of present and future generations. Employing most of these techniques can also help you save a lot of money that is lost through high electricity bills and appliance maintenance. Below are a few tips on how to make your home more energy efficient:Install solar energy panelsI-Save-Energy-In-My-Home

Conservation experts have been pushing for the adoption of green energy by both public and private consumers around the world. While the response has been slow, there are huge benefits that you can reap by installing solar panels and utilizing them as your primary source of energy. The installation process may cost you a fortune but the cost of energy saving batteries and panels is quite low compared to frequent monthly electricity bills that you would pay forever. Maintenance of green energy utilities is very low and large scale installation may just earn you a government gratuity in meeting the costs. You would only need to use electricity during the winter season in a year.Replace older appliances with new ones

Many companies are using advanced technology to manufacture energy efficient appliances in order to reduce global warming and help you save on power bills. The latest appliances have a lesser energy consumption of between 20% and 40% compared to those that were manufactured ten or more years ago. You should, therefore, start thinking about replacing that old refrigerator, the iron-box, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, dispensers, microwaves, water heaters, and HVAC utilities.

You can easily use alternative energy on these newer appliances successfully as opposed to the older ones that were manufactured for electricity only.Prevent your house from heating during the hot seasonsIt is easy and cheaper to shield the amount of heat entering your home than using air conditioners. To prepare against the simmering summer heat, install window shutters and seal the door frames to keep heat out.Read More

Renting Cheap Apartments In Dallas Texas Is Still Doable

Renting Cheap Apartments In Dallas Texas Is Still Doable

This year’s graduates may be entering a somewhat better job market than their 2010 or 2011 counterparts, but many will face a tighter rental market. Lower vacancy in rental units and increased demand is driving up prices through the country, as purchasing property loses its allure for some. Based on the Census Bureau, the median asking rent for rental units nationally was $721 in the first quarter of the year, up from $683 first quarter a year ago.

“Occupancy rates are the highest they have been in ten years,” says Doug Culkin, president and CEO of the National Apartment Association. “Nationally, they’re at about 96 percent, which is incredibly high. It will be tougher for children coming out of school [to afford an apartment in Dallas TX] unless Mother and Dad are paying for it.”

Obviously, that’s not to say apartment-hunting continues to be simple for other recession-age alumni. In 2010, when Rebecca Odell moved to Columbus, Ohio, for an internship, she’d the double challenges of a limited budget and a long distance apartment search. “Taking a postgrad internship narrowed my apartment choices since I needed to find a place that I could afford, notably working on an intern’s budget, and where I would feel safe,” she says.

After an extensive on-line hunt, Odell narrowed the field to four flats and drove the two hours to see all four on the exact same day. The apartment she picked was a short term sublease within a multi-family house, but she is since moved in with a roommate to cut costs, as many recent alumni do.

Here’s the way to rent your first apartment in a challenging marketplace in Dallas TX, whether you’re flying alone or hunting with roommates.

• Set a realistic budget predicated on the place. The conventional wisdom is to spend no more than 30 percent of your yearly income on home prices. But given low entry level wages and housing prices that are high, you may have to budget just a little more if you’re living in expensive urban markets like Houston or Dallas. “It absolutely depends on where you live,” “You wish to have a standard, but you do not want to spend your whole pay check on rent.” Websites like and can provide you an idea of rents in your target area so you can budget accordingly.

Dividing the rent with roommates can help cut prices, but you will want to screen roommates carefully and “make sure they’re people you’d really want to live with,” as Grosz sets it. You may like hanging out with friends from school, but that doesn’t mean you will appreciate cleaning up their messes or sharing a toilet. Ask future roommates they want to manage guests, chores, invoices, and other issues, before signing a lease collectively.

Ask about rent increases that are potential to gauge how fast you may be priced out of that apartment, once you find a potential apartment in Dallas. “Do they anticipate rental prices going up?” requests Grosz. “How do they justify increases in prices?”

As well as paying rent, you may even be responsible for paying bills like cable, heat, and electricity. Her budget was adjusted by Odell once she discovered that some higher-priced flats comprised utilities, which made her overall prices lower than paying rent and utilities individually.

If you’re on the hook for utilities, factor those expenses into your budget. Often, you can figure out what the previous tenants paid by telephoning the utility provider and giving the address to them. “Of course, your use might differ,” points out Bill Deegan, CEO of Renter Country (formerly the American Tenants Organization).

Renting Cheap Apartments In Dallas Texas Is Still Doable

Place yourself. So have checkbook and your benchmarks prepared when you start hunting leases proceed quickly in competitive marketplaces.

Having Mother and Father cosign on a flat (if they’re willing) could give future landlords reassurance about leasing to someone without a long credit or employment history. However, should youn’t have a cosigner, Grosz suggests guaranteeing extra cash upfront to show landlords that you’re financially responsible. Taking a letter from your employer as proof of employment is another option. Prospective landlords may also need to run a credit check, so make an effort to clear up any problems on your credit report before beginning your hunt.

Scope out the area. Real estate professionals have a saying: “location, location, location.” This rings true for houses as well as flats. Select an apartment based only on the interior, and you may wind up in a less-than-desirable area, far from friends or work. Culkin suggests asking your employer for recommendations on neighborhoods if you’re relocating for employment.

Additionally look at how the building or area is kept. “If it is a high rise, are there lights out in the halls? asks Deegan. If not, maybe it’s an indication that management will be slow to react to tenants’ concerns.

Run an intensive walk through. Without seeing a flat in person, which may lead to difficulties later, in accordance with Deegan some people will rent away of Craigslist. “Any future tenant should make certain everything works: the range, the fridge, any appliances, and make sure the water runs hot for half an hour if you take long showers,” he says. Additionally document any preexisting issues like scrapes on the ground or holes in the wall in order that they will not get deducted from your security deposit when you move out.

Big apartment communities usually have you sign a lease, but individual property owners or landlords may be more lax about paperwork. Are you responsible for fixing up the apartment when you leave?” If you’re not certain about anything in your lease, have somebody else review it. Actually, lease may be offered by your college -review services to students and recent alumni.


Why is Your Shower Leaking?


Generally the cause of a leaking shower is settlement movement in a house. Some people may not even be aware that water is leaking as the water may be draining under the house or in an area not frequently used. There are a number of causes such as poor quality grouting to floor and wall tiles, tap penetrations, leaking tap fittings or faulty plumbing, but one of the main causes is the separation between the floor and the wall of the shower recess.

Most showers today will either have a shower tray or waterproofing membrane installed under the shower floor (building regulation requirement). There are many potential causes ofwaterproofing failure. Most fall under four broad areas: design and construction defects, incorrect preparation, application errors and incorrect product selection and inadequate protection. When failure accurse water begins to leak into the floor and walls or be absorbed by the woodwork and carpets in the bathroom and adjoining rooms. These damp areas are not only unsightly and smelly, they can onset rot and attract white ants.

Most showers built onto a stud wall will eventually leak because of a gap (expansion joint) occurring between the tiled wall and the floor of the shower recess. This gap is caused by the vibration of the wall, arising from the opening and closing of doors and normal slight movements of the house structure. The grouting between the tiles is not strong enough to resist the expansion, or seal the gap between the floor and the wall. The result is leakage.Read More